Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation 2018

Downpours are becoming increasingly intense, periods of drought and heat are becoming more extreme, and the risk of flooding is growing. Research shows that the climate is changing more rapidly than we had previously assumed. We are already witnessing the prolonged rainfall that we had expected for 2050. It is imperative that we prepare for this future: that we join forces to have the Netherlands climate-proof and water-resilient by 2050.

The interim evaluation of the Delta Decision on Spatial Adaptation revealed that we need to step up the pace if we want to achieve the goals set out in this Delta Decision. Even though not all the threats are equally acute across the country, urgent action is required now, also in order not to miss out on opportunities. Because investments in the physical living environment often cover many decades.

The first Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation will be presented on Prinsjesdag 2017 – the official opening of Parliament in September – within the context of the Delta Programme for 2018.

Spatial Adaptation is an issue that pre-eminently requires the collective efforts of governments, the business community, NGOs, and society. Most of our physical living environment is owned by private citizens and companies. In addition to the owners of public spaces, they include the owners and managers of large rooftop surfaces, infrastructure managers, and the owners of private real estate. All these stakeholders are faced with the tasking of being prepared for a future featuring heavier rainfall, increased drought, and heat stress. The dominant theme of the first Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation is, therefore: the tasking is urgent and complex. We will set to work together and learn from one another. And this calls for a tailored approach at the regional and local levels.

An inter-administrative team comprising representatives of the provinces, district water board, municipalities and the central government is currently working on this Delta Plan. Two round table discussions with companies and NGOs were organised on 7 and 9 March in order to acquire input for the Delta Plan. In addition, five regional meetings have been held with administrators from the provinces, district water boards, and municipalities. Most importantly, these have generated some concrete suggestions regarding the substantiation of the Delta Plan, how stakeholders can contribute, and the role of the government.

The web page will keep you informed of the subsequent steps in the Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation.


Background information:

Report on round table discussions (PDF, 6.7 MB) business community and NGOs, 7 March and 9 March 2017

Reports on regional meetings North, North-west, East, South, and South-west

Limburg district water board dinner meeting (PDF, 804 kB), partner meeting on integrated climate adaptation, 15 February 2017

Interim evaluation of spatial adaptation

Financieel Dagblad supplement: climate adaptation, March 2017

Noord-Brabant spatial adaptation information and news portal

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