Incentive Programme

In order to reduce the vulnerability of built-up areas to extreme weather conditions and the impact of a potential flood, climate-proof and water-resilient planning must become a self-evident element in spatial (re)development. The Spatial Adaptation Incentive Programme (SRA) aims to realise this goal by 2020, so that the Netherlands will indeed by climate-proof by 2050.


In order to achieve this, the incentive programme supports governments, interest groups, NGOs, and private parties in the integration of water and climate into spatial (re)developments. The programme shares experience and knowledge from all parties involved, among other ways by organising theme meetings. In addition, the SRA invests in impact projectsliving labs, and regional meetings on climate stress tests. The agenda also featured the support of several climate stress tests.

The Incentive Programme also focuses on educational establishments, in order to familiarise future professionals with the world of spatial adaptation. The programme runs up to the end of 2017.

Programme Team

The SRA programme team identifies, puts on the agenda, inspires, coordinates, and evaluates. The team is comprised of representatives from the Association of Provincial Authorities IPO, the Association of Netherlands Municipalities VNG, Association of Dutch Regional Water Authorities UVW, and the national government. If you have any questions, please contact project leader eric or policy adviser .

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