NKWK focus area: Climate-proof Cities

The National Water and Climate Knowledge and Innovation Programme (NKWK) comprises 14 different focus areas. One such focus line is Climate-proof Cities. This focus area is explored under the Spatial Adaptation Delta Programme, in close collaboration with STOWA. Other participants are Rijkswaterstaat, Climate Adaptation Services, and Deltares, the later on behalf of the aggregate knowledge institutes involved.

The Climate-proof Cities focus area serves three purposes:

  1. Disseminating available knowledge;
  2. Developing new knowledge;
  3. Forming networks.

A key instrument for realising these goals is the NKWK Climate-proof Cities project tour. This is a tour of completed or ongoing climate adaptation projects, in which parties seeking knowledge meet with providers of such knowledge, entering into debate in theme sessions. This enables the exchange of knowledge and experience. New knowledge issues come to the fore, that serve as input to the NKWK Climate-proof Cities knowledge agenda. This knowledge agenda constitutes the basis for concrete actions. For 2017, consortia of knowledge seekers and knowledge providers will be formed that will conduct concrete research. Three themes have been selected for 2017, for which consortia will be formed.

  1. Green-Blue urban infrastructure;
  2. Cost, benefit, and funding options of climate adaptation measures;
  3. Public health and climate.

The focus area has drawn up a programme plan and works with a knowledge agenda, that is regularly supplemented in the form of a developing document.

For more information, see the NKWK Climate-proof Cities website: http://www.waterenklimaat.nl/onderzoekslijnen/klimaatbestendige-stad/.