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View (future) threats of flooding, pluvial flooding, drought and heat stress on the map.
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View the list of available design solutions and adaptation measures.
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The Climate-proof Together team helps you acquire practical knowledge and experience.

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This interactive tool enables users to compile a conceptual diagram of their own, geared to their specific field or issue.

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Embarking on spatial adaptation

If we want to continue to enjoy living, working and recreation in our cities and villages we need to adapt their spatial planning to the future. By joining forces we can prepare for climate change, factoring in heavy rainfall, periods of drought and heat, and the impact of potential floods. The Spatial Adaptation Knowledge Portal offers knowledge and experience in this field, and helps you embark on spatial adaptation. The Guide to Spatial Adaptation featuring the Analysis, Ambition, and Action steps is a practical tool for climate-proof and water-resilient spatial planning. The Guide supports the Delta Decision on Spatial Adaptation, within the framework of the Delta Programme.


Analysing your area




Formulating your ambition

Objectives and challenges



Policy and implementation

Policy Assurance


What actions are the governments taking with respect to climate adaptation?

Klimaatadaptatie adviesteam

Support twelve cities or regions in their efforts, in order to help them proceed to the next step towards climate-proofing

National Climate Adaptation Strategy

Supplementary to the Delta Programme, the Cabinet published a National Climate Adaptation Strategy (NAS) in 2016

Global Center on Adaptation

The Netherlands, Japan and UN Environment will lead the establishment of a Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation in The Netherlands.

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The Incentive Programme provides support in the integration of water and climate into spatial (re)developments

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A flood will disrupt society, if essential facilities are damaged


Monitoring progress and learning from one another, timely identifying developments and obstacles


Expediting climate proofing efforts in the Netherlands with the Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation.

City Deal

In this City Deal, public and private partners are working on breakthroughs for climate-proof cities


The Climate-proof City focus area fosters knowledge development and knowledge dissemination


Climate change does not stop at the border. For that reason, international coordination of climate adaptation efforts is important


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