Trend analysis of Vallei en Veluwe district water board: risks are on the increase

Not only is the climate changing, society is changing too. At the behest of the Vallei en Veluwe district water board, the Climate Adaptation Services (CAS) foundation conducted an interactive trend analysis in which the effects of the future climate (flood risk management, pluvial flooding, drought, and hot weather) are combined with future socio-economic circumstances. The analysis can be used as a source for stress tests, vulnerability analyses, and environmental visions.


A number of striking results:

  • the number of tropical-temperature nights is on the increase, from 3-5 in the current scenario to approximately 18 in the 2050 WH scenario;
  • dry periods will occur more frequently, which will increase the risk of wildfires;
  • the risk of floodwater in the street will increase considerably in the WL scenario in 2050 due to the more frequent occurrence of extreme rainfall;
  • swimming water issues will increase, whilst the demand for recreational facilities also increases.

The information on the maps was gathered from the expertise of the Climate Adaptation Services, KNMI, Alterra, and the expert assessment of the Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe. The information is shown for the WL and WH KNMI’14 scenarios for 2050.

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Martin van Meurs
Vallei en Veluwe district water board

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Stress test
Vallei en Veluwe district water board
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