Impact project Multi-layer flood risk management on the Wadden Islands

Living and working on one of the Wadden Islands is sometimes just a bit different than it is on the mainland. The Wadden Islands Partnership (Samenwerkingsverband De Waddeneilanden), in collaboration with the Fryslân Security Region and the Antea Group, conducted a scenario study into the flood risks on the Wadden Islands. This result of this impact project is the report Waddenlei Overstroomt [Waddenlei is flooded]. In this report, conversations with residents and tourists about their experiences before, during and after a flood on a fictional Wadden Island are translated into flood risks. The results of the study, with experiences from the past and the storm in 2013, were made public in the film of the same title.

The aim of the report and the film is to create awareness among administrators and other stakeholders. The report also clearly highlights the consequences of a possible flood, the vulnerable locations and the situations for crisis shelters.


The story Waddenlei overstroomt describes what happens in the run-up to, during and immediately after a flood on a Wadden Island. Subjects such as evacuation, accessibility, emergency shelters and coping capacity come up for discussion. Supplementary to the Delta Programme, the Wadden Islands Partnership wants to test whether the entire flood risk management chain sufficiently corresponds with what residents and tourists would do during a heavy storm.


Image: Fictional Wadden Island Waddenlei

The aforementioned fictional story is the prelude for each of the Wadden Islands to develop a strategy. The impact project Waddenlei overstroomt is the result of a first phase. It is a basic story about a disaster, and how managers and emergency services would act in this situation. In this way, this scenario study especially touches on the third layer (evacuation issues) of multi-layer flood risk management. The fictional situations and dilemmas described in the case study can be translated into concrete recommendations. In the second phase, the Wadden Islands Partnership, Wadden Sea Area Delta Programme and the Fryslân Security Region will review the actual situation on each of the islands. Subsequently, a connection can be made with the second layer (adaptations in the spatial planning) and the first layer (dykes).

The scenario study is an impact project of the Spatial Adaptation Delta Programme, and was conducted at the behest of the Frisian Islands Partnership and the Fryslân Security Region.

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Samenwerkingsverband De Waddeneilanden (Frisian Islands Partnership)
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