BlueGreen Foundation promotes regional collaboration

How will climate change affect the Alblasserwaard and Vijfheerenlanden regions? This is what the Blauwzaam Foundation is mapping out with its “BlueGreen Foundation” project. It is one of the 34 projects being carried out under the Green Connects multi-year programme.

Why this project?

The BlueGreen Foundation project was launched in 2016. The Blauwzaam Foundation has opted for this name because water and greenery are inextricably interconnected. Residents, entrepreneurs, and the staff of active NGOs and educational establishments live and work in this region. The data available on the impact of climate change on the area is not yet accessible for all of them, and neither does the data provide a full picture. With this project, the Blauwzaam Foundation aims to change that.

What does the project feature?

The project comprises a range of activities, such as:

  • An annual symposium for entrepreneurs and schools;
  • Collaboration between entrepreneurs and schools to develop study programmes;
  • The Blauwzaam Foundation is visualising the impact of climate change by developing interactive maps and simulations;
  • Schools and entrepreneurs are constructing collectively a knowledge platform and a workshop to share experience and know-how, and to develop study programmes.

What concrete goals do we want to achieve?

With this project, the foundation aims to accomplish the following, among other goals:

  1. Each entrepreneur in the Alblasserwaard and Vijfheerenlanden regions must be aware of the impact that climate change may have on this area.
  2. Each resident, pupil, and student in these regions must know something about the impact of climate change on the area. Furthermore, pupils and students must know something about potential solutions to this impact.
  3. A range of material must be accessible to all the target groups.
  4. More opportunities for leisure activities must be created in the area.
  5. The agriculture sector is aware of the opportunities entailed in climate change.

What parties are working on this project?

The parties that are collaborating on this project are the Blauwzaam Foundation, the province of Zuid-Holland, the Alblasserwaard and Vijfheerenlanden regions, NGOs, and several educational establishments. The project was initiated by the Water Working Group of the Blauwzaam Foundation. All the target groups are represented on this working group: the education sector, government bodies, residents, and NGOs.

What is bearing fruit and what is not working?

The collaboration has shown that collaborating works! The project participants are enthusing one another, showing each other pilot projects, and developing a good website together. A key lesson to be learned: do not take it for granted that people will set to work with the material of their own accord. You really need to motivate them to get going, for example, by first making them aware of the importance of the project.

Contact person

Rolia Wiggelinkhuijsen
Stichting Blauwzaam

Project type
Regional collaborative
Provincie Zuid Holland, regio AV, Stichting Bkauwzaam, mij.organisaties & onderwijs
Drought, Heat, Urban flooding, Waterlogging