Central dissemination of knowledge and tools

The Knowledge Portal has been developed with a view to making relevant public practical know-how and spatial adaptation implementation tools centrally available. It comprises both publicly and privately developed know-how and tools. The Delta Decision, the guidelines and this Knowledge Portal do not make it mandatory upon anyone to use this knowledge or the instruments provided. The Knowledge Portal is intended as the gateway to this knowledge and these tools.

In recent years, the government has developed (or commissioned the development of) a range of knowledge and tools. A great deal has been made available at the Knowledge Portal. In addition, effective / commonly used knowledge and tools developed by private parties are also made available via the Knowledge Portal. This overview is neither complete nor intended to exclude or give preferential treatment to any party. Any missing knowledge or tools may be indicated using the contact form. All questions will be assessed by the editorial board of the Knowledge Portal, which is composed of representatives of the national government, provinces, municipalities and district water boards.


Spatial adaptation involves a relatively new field of knowledge, which is still under development. The Knowledge Portal will be updated regularly in order to integrate the most recent developments into the website. Furthermore, the Knowledge Portal features knowledge and tools that have been developed by a wide range of parties. The editorial board ensures that the quality of the knowledge and tools provided is acceptable and meets the standard of the most recently developed knowledge.

The government and the Knowledge for Climate programme as principals, and CAS as manager are not liable for the consequences of any assumptions or conclusions based on content or the use of tools made available through the Knowledge Portal.

Use of the website to substantiate the agreement set down in the Delta Decision on Spatial Adaptation

There is no obligation to use this Knowledge Portal and the Guide to Spatial Adaptation made available here to substantiate the agreement set down in the Delta Decision on Spatial Adaptation.