Climate-proof Together

Climate-proof Together links hands-on experience and expertise on climate adaptation, so you will not have to re-invent the wheel all by yourself. That is important, because climate change is posing complex challenges throughout the Netherlands. Increasing downpours, long periods of drought, heat, and the impact of flooding: this affects many public and private parties and sectors. No-one can resolve such issues on their own. Key factors are effective collaboration and local customisation. Climate-proof Together is a platform of professionals supporting local and regional initiatives aimed at bolstering the adaptation and resilience of the Netherlands.

Practical questions

Whether it is an internal co-worker process, the technical planning of a climate-resilient street, or involving other parties, the key question in the Netherlands always is: “How?”. Fortunately, in many cases, other locations in the Netherlands have achieved something similar to what you are planning. Within its comprehensive network, the team behind Climate-proof Together will seek out people with hands-on experience and/or products that may help you.

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Hands-on experience

In order to answer a question, you need an answer or an offer. Do you command local or regional experience that you would like to share with colleagues elsewhere in the country? Climate-proof Together links your experience and translates the product to be used by other parts of the Netherlands.

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The team behind Climate-proof Together

With its large and versatile network, the team behind Climate-proof Together is firmly anchored in local practice within all the regions of the Netherlands. The team commands broad-based experience within a range of disciplines and sectors. The team operates on a demand-driven basis, from local to national, for both public and private parties. Because climate-proofing calls for a concerted effort!

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