Objectives and challenges

How to define concrete objectives that are supported by my partners?

Defining your objectives goes together with the vision you have for an area. It might be that a good quality of the living environment is priority for you or an attractive establishment area for businesses is your main goal or you have to cut down on costs due to shrinkage of the economy.

When defining objectives for a climate proof city the following questions may arise: weighting the costs and benefits, how often do we find it acceptable that flooding of a street in a neighbourhood occurs? And how often is it acceptable in a shopping street where damage risk is higher?

The objectives of water resilient planning are partly fixed by law. There are regulatory safety levels for flood protection systems and norms for urban flooding. The following questions are important: Despite several developments, what can I do to keep my area from becoming more vulnerable? What do I want to do to make my area more resilient in case of a calamity? Which functions or buildings have to operate at all times? Do we want to prevent cellars from flooding?

Approach and results

The following questions may be of importance when defining your objectives:

  • Which opportunities and preconditions are proposed in existing policy? This can be governmental policy, but also regional policies of local stakeholders. Obvious themes are safety (from water), sustainability, spatial adaptation, climate, nature. Also less obvious themes such as living conditions, economy, social structure and cultural history can offer opportunities and preconditions.
  • Can experience be drawn from recent projects or proceedings in an area/neighbourhood? Such as (re)developments, maintenance planning, sewage plans, etc.
  • How to take into account long-term uncertainties (adaptive management)? When defining objectives, which time horizon do we keep in mind? Can a difference be made between short and long term?

The Infrastructure Strategy Appraiser (Omgevingswijzer) is a tool that can assist to answer these questions.



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