Next to avoiding and reducing damage by extreme weather, water resilient and climate proof planning can create opportunities. Potential benefits arise from the reduction of costs, creating value and contributing to an attractive living environment.

Water resilient planning will be approached in a stepwise process covering hundreds of projects across the Netherlands. This process of adaptation is driven by the co-benefits that adaptation brings:

  • An overall improvement of the quality of the living environment and a higher quality of public space through, for example, urban green-blue grids.
  • More green and blue structures can increase the value of property and can positively influence the health of inhabitants if implemented correctly.
  • There are many examples of neighbourhoods or buildings that do not live up to the current norms of water resilient planning. This already leads to high management and maintenance costs or even damage. Damage can be avoided by applying resilient measures and designs and can reduce future costs for replacement and reparation
  • Adaptation can be utilised to link investments of different parties. Linking measures and investments by time and purpose prevents unnecessary problems and keeps maintenance and implementation costs low.
  • Adaptation measures contribute to sustainability objectives.


Knowledge for Climate gives an overview on the current status of climate change adaptation in the Netherlands in the report Climate as an opportunity. The report shows how spatial plans in the Netherlands can be different and better. The report can be used as a source of inspiration for policy makers, officials and companies.

The weir of Kampen is a good example how a threat was turned into a sustainable added economic value. With the need for more safety from floods, economic value can be added to the flood defences by creating an attractive boulevard, recreational facilities, a marina and more nature. Combining reinforcement of flood defences with economic value is done in the cities of Scheveningen and Katwijk.

Knowledge for Climate TV has made a range of videos that explain what we could do to make the Netherlands safer and nicer. A selection of videos (in Dutch) can be found below:


Groenblauwe netwerken

Inspirational measures and examples


Rapid insight into the value of greenery and water in cities