National climate adaptation strategy 2016 (NAS)

The Netherlands is engaging in climate adaptation. The necessity of adapting to the changing climate will only become more urgent in the years ahead. We are already witnessing the consequences of climate change approaching us more rapidly and more violently than we had assumed. This affects all of us. Yet it also generates wonderful opportunities. By collectively embarking on climate adaptation we will be making the Netherlands safer, more beautiful, and smarter. The national adaptation strategy calls on the innovativeness and adaptability of us all.

The web page will keep you informed about the subsequent steps in the National Adaptation Strategy. Please use the contact form to contact the NAS team.

Conceptual diagrams of the sectors

Water and spatial planning tegel

Nature tegel

Agriculture tegel

Health tegel

Recreation and tourism tegel

Infrastructure tegel

Energy tegel

IT and telecom tegel

Security tegel


Climate agenda (pdf, 3.7 MB): the climate agenda for adaptation and mitigation by the Cabinet (2013)

Climate change in the Netherlands: infographic climate agenda (2013) on “How does the Netherlands take action?”

EU adaptation strategy: European adaptation strategy, published by the European Commission in 2013