Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation 2018

Expediting the efforts

The Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation is a collective plan drawn up by municipalities, district water boards, provinces, and the national government. The Delta Plan is intended to expedite and intensify the combating of waterlogging, heat stress, drought, and the impact of urban flooding. Go to the Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation (pdf, 20 MB) . Read more about the reasons and background in the special edition of Delta News.

Seven ambitions

The Delta Plan is structured on the basis of seven ambitions. The Knowledge Portal features tools that help you set to work on these ambitions.DP2018

The impact of climate change can be mapped out by conducting a stress test. The Delta Plan stipulates that all the governments must have conducted a first stress test by no later than 2019. Ambition no. 2 involves conducting a risk dialogue. Several schemes and programmes have been initiated to provide support to bodies embarking on the ambitions.

Climate Impact Atlas

The Climate Impact Atlas provides an initial impression of a location’s vulnerabilities to climate change. The Climate Impact Atlas can serve as a wake-up call and constitute a first step in the climate-proofing process of your region, neighbourhood, or street. The Climate Impact Atlas also offers comprehensive information for conducting risk dialogues and drawing up policies and action plans. The animated film shows how the Climate Impact Atlas works.