Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation 2018

The Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation is a collective plan, drawn up by municipalities, district water boards, provinces, and the central government, to render the Netherlands climate-proof and water-resilient. The Delta Plan expedites and intensifies the efforts to tackle waterlogging, heat stress, drought, and the impact of urban flooding.

Seven ambitions

The Delta Plan is structured on the basis of seven ambitions. The Knowledge Portal features tools to set to work with these ambitions. Stress Test Guidelines have been drawn up for the “Mapping Out Vulnerabilities” ambition. A Risk Dialogue Roadmap (in Dutch) has been developed to help you on your way with the “Conducting Risk Dialogues and Drawing Up Strategies” ambition. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is substantiating the “Promotion and Facilitation” ambition, in support of which it has set up an Incentive Programme. With respect to the “Regulating and Embedding” ambition, a web page (in Dutch) outlines the legislation, visions, plans, and standards that may be helpful in climate adaptation efforts.


Animated film

Under the Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation, we are implementing measures to render the Netherlands climate-proof and water-resilient. View the short animation film on the Delta Plan.

Climate Impact Atlas

The Climate Impact Atlas provides an initial impression of the vulnerabilities to climate change. The Atlas can serve as a wake-up call and can be a first step in the process to climate-proof your region, neighbourhood, or street. Furthermore, the Climate Impact Atlas offers a wealth of information for conducting risk dialogues and drawing up policies and action plans. View the short animation film to learn how the Climate Impact Atlas works.