NKWK focus area: Climate-proof Cities

Climate-proof City is one of the focus areas of the National Water and Climate Knowledge and Innovation Programme.

This focus area seeks to:

  1. Disseminate available expertise;
  2. Develop new knowledge;
  3. Form networks.

A key instrument for the attainment of the above three goals is the Climate-proof City project tour. This is a tour of completed or on-going climate adaptation projects, in which parties seeking knowledge or providing expertise gather and enter into debate in theme-based sessions. The participants exchange know-how and experience, and identify new demands for knowledge that provide input to the knowledge agenda of the Climate-proof City focus area. The tour has already called at the KlimaatActieve Stedenband, Culemborg, Nijmegen, Dordrecht, and Alkmaar, together with the district water boards responsible for these cities. Two knowledge papers were published to foster the transfer of knowledge: Natte Krant and Droge Kost.

The Climate-proof City focus area has taken concrete steps in the implementation of its knowledge agenda. A consortium composed of fifteen parties seeking and providing expertise has launched a study aimed at: improving the estimation of expected damage caused by waterlogging, urban flooding, drought, and heat stress; the creation of a database enabling the selection of climate adaptation measures; assessing the impact of climate adaptation measures on public health; and the evaluation of costs and benefits at the project and neighbourhood levels. In order to ensure that the results are geared to the requirements of municipalities and district water boards, a user group has been set up in which local government bodies are duly represented. The research programme will run for several years and will be expanded in 2018. At that time, new partners may join the consortium.

Go to the NKWK Climate-proof City website for more information:  http://www.waterenklimaat.nl/onderzoekslijnen/klimaatbestendige-stad/.