Climate Damage Assessor

More extreme downpours, higher river discharges, a rising sea level, longer periods of drought, and higher temperatures are causing increasingly frequent damage. The Climate Damage Assessor tool estimates additional expenditures resulting from climate change damage that is to be expected if we fail to engage in climate adaptation.

The tool puts a price on the additional damage caused by waterlogging, heat, drought, and the impact of urban flooding. The first (beta) version is now available online; it only covers part of the potential damage connected with climate change. The tool is not complete yet because reliable information on potential damage is not always available. The aim is to further expand the tool in the near future. The results are presented in Story Maps, which provide an initial rough estimate based on data available nationwide.

The information is available free of charge and all data is public. More information on the method is provided on the tool website and the associated report. Any questions or comments regarding the tool? Please contact us via the Spatial Adaptation Helpdesk.

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