Guideline for water events

Now that summers are becoming increasingly warmer, swarms of people seek to cool off in or around water. Increasingly more frequently, events are being organised in and around water that has not been designated as swimming water. Such water is not required to meet the quality standards and inspections pertaining to swimming water. The Foundation for Applied Water Research STOWA and the RIONED Foundation (interest group for urban drainage concerns) have drawn up a nationally applicable (draft) guideline, specifically for such situations.

Various Dutch stretches of water accommodate a wide range of events, such as city swims, triathlons, survival races, and mud races. Municipalities and district water boards wish to ensure the safety of residents and visitors enjoying their beautiful water. Although the water is becoming increasingly cleaner, not every location qualifies for the accommodation of such events. In order to enable the authorities to properly assess where, when, and under what conditions an event may take place, STOWA and RIONED have drawn up a (draft) guideline for aquatic events.

This guideline is a first draft; chances are that it is neither complete nor exhaustive. In 2018, this draft will be used and improved. Please submit any comments, corrections or other suggestions via Your feedback will be taken into account in a new version to be published by the end of 2018.

Download the draft guideline (pdf, 1 MB) and the annexes (pdf, 105 kB)

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