Climate Adaptation Advisory Team

Which cities or regions are actively engaging in climate adaptation? What questions do they have regarding the implementation of climate adaptation? The Climate Adaptation Advisory Team has already spoken with twelve regions and is drawing up advisory reports based on each region’s specific need for expertise. The Advisory Team has been set up under the Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation and is substantiated by a broad-based consortium.

To identify which cities and regional cooperatives would qualify for support from the Climate Adaptation Advisory Team, initial interviews have been conducted, within a short period of time, with regions that have already performed stress tests, yet have difficulty taking the next step. On the basis of these interviews, twelve regions have been selected for a short advisory process. The regions selected are: Voorne-Putten cooperative, the municipality of Leiden, the RIVUS collaborative in West-Overijssel, Hart van Brabant, the As50+ water collaborative, Platform Water Vallei en Eem, the province of Fryslan, BOWA Amstel Gooi en Vecht, the province of Groningen, the province of Zeeland, Maas en Mergelland, and the northern part of Noord-Holland.

Key questions

“The Climate Adaptation Advisory Team collects a list of issues with which regions and municipalities are struggling. This provides input for the Delta Programme to identify areas in which regional support would be most efficient. Ultimately, the Climate Adaptation Advisory Team will single out and address one issue in each region. Based on the initial interviews, a cluster of questions will manifest itself. Questions are, for example: “What must a region set down at the local level and what must be set down at the regional level; how does it embed these steps in policy? How do you proceed from stress test to ambition and vision, and how do you garner support within an organisation? How does climate adaptation impact the housing tasking? What is the role of the district water board and how does the region set down agreements regarding this role?”


The initial regional interviews are followed by the advisory stage. This is intended for the regional partners to collectively develop a broadly supported, concrete solution strategy. This stage is currently under way. Following the advisory process, the questions collected will be clustered and shared, along with the lessons learned in the regions.

Klimaatadaptatie adviesteam