Climate Adaptation Advisory Team

The Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation states that impetus must be given to climate adaptation. To this end, a Climate Adaptation Advisory Team has been set up to support twelve cities or regions in their efforts, in order to help them proceed to the next step towards climate-proofing.

The Climate Adaptation Advisory Team will focus on cities or regions that seek to actively engage in climate adaptation and have questions regarding the proper approach. The Advisory Team is composed of a consortium of parties: TAUW, ORG-ID, Platform31, AT Osborne, Deltares, GrondRR, H2Ruimte, Hydrologic, KVN, Stadstromen, Tygron, and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. This broad-based team is going to advise the twelve cities/regions and subsequently disseminate the lessons learned on the widest possible scale. The focus will be on inspiring examples, creative approaches, and newsworthy lessons. Communication will take place via social media and the knowledge portal, among other ways through a map with examples and short news releases. Thus, the Advisory Team will also assist other cities and regions that wish to embark on climate adaptation.

Would you like to know whether your city or regional partnership qualifies for support from the Climate Adaptation Advisory Team? Then please contact Edwin van Strate (+31 65 31 66 61 3 or

Klimaatadaptatie adviesteam