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In order to reduce the vulnerability of built-up areas to extreme weather conditions and the impact of a potential flood, climate-proof and water-resilient planning must become a self-evident element in spatial (re)developments, management, and maintenance. From 2015 up to and including 2017, the Spatial Adaptation Incentive Programme (SRA) has made every effort to realise this goal by 2020, so that the Netherlands will indeed by climate-proof by 2050. After 2017, the Spatial Adaptation Incentive Programme will be continued until 2022. It will link up with the ambitions set down in the Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation. Its format and procedures will be published in early 2018.

Climate-proofing requires efforts on the part of a range of public and private parties. Spatial adaptation must become a self-evident component of the physical activities in urban and rural areas. In order to expedite such efforts, it is important that the available knowledge, tools, and experience be shared as widely as possible, thus eliminating the need for everyone to re-invent the wheel, and to encourage parties to play their part. The Delta Plan sets out a number of tools to foster this aim:

  1. Setting up a new knowledge sharing network (Together Climate-proof Platform).
  2. After 2017, the Spatial Adaptation Incentive Programme will be continued until 2022. The current programme is supporting parties in the implementation of spatial adaptation, by organising theme-based meetings and investing in living labs, pilots, and experiments.
  3. The knowledge portal will remain the main information access point.

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